Emancipated Youth Advocacy Board (EYAB)

Since its creation in 1999, HEY has always acknowledged the importance and power of genuine youth voice.  In 2003 with the help of HEY’s Board of Directors the organization formalized youth participation by developing a youth advisory committee, known as the Emancipated Youth Advisory Board (EYAB).   The name, however, soon changed to HEY’s Emancipated Youth Advocacy Board (EYAB) because of their growing role as empowered advocates.  HEY’s EYAB is comprised of 3-4 former foster youth committed to advocating on behalf of current and former foster youth.   During their 11–month term with HEY, the young adults play an instrumental role in conducting public education, outreach activities, and advocating for programs and services that improve outcomes for current and former foster youth.  Over thirty former foster youth have participated in HEY’s EYAB since its inception in 2003.

The EYAB work to support HEY’s mission to strengthen and connect San Francisco’s systems of support for Bay Area youth so that many types of organizations can better assist and understand youth emancipating, or “aging out” of the foster care system to enjoy a healthy transition to adulthood.

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