HEY’s Education Workgroup


The group was originally convened to discuss opportunities for advocacy by local foster care education providers and supporters.  Our goal is to provide training and support to direct service providers who work with foster youth.

HEY Education Workgroup Objectives:

A – Convene and focus on an issue to either advocate for, or support implementation of, on the topic of education for current and former foster youth.  This advocacy project could span 1-2 years

Measures of success:

  • maintain high number of education related programs or organizations convened
  • meet the goals of the workgroup’s advocacy project

B - Share and receive updates regarding issues in working with this population in order to remain informed of current practice

Measures of success:

  • regularly provide updates at quarterly meetings

C – Develop educational tools and materials to support current and former foster youth to improve educational outcomes

Measures of success:

dissemination of  best practice educational tools for agencies to  support foster youth

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