Service providers, advocates, and youth can remain informed about the needs of transitional age youth through our growing repertoire of secondary and original research.

HEY Publications

Original work authored and published by HEY, a project of TAYSF

TAYSF Publications

Original work authored and published by TAYSF

Resource Library

New research is constantly being produced by TAYSF’s partners and other organizations. Check here for posts regarding the most up-to-date, interesting and relevant research about TAYSF community.

Media Coverage of TAY Issues

News reports and articles involving transitional age youth (16-24 year olds)

Trends to Watch

TAYSF team blogs with information updates about important trends to watch in the TAY community

TAYSF e-Newsletter

TAYSF’s biweekly e-newsletter contains links to articles, reports, and information of interest to service providers and TAY community.  Archives include HEY e-newsletter as well