HEY Guide: Youth Empowerment

We are happy to present our second in the series of HEY Guides,
HEY Guide: Youth Empowerment
. The first Guide was HEY Guide: Housing (released May 2009).

HEY Guide: Youth Empowerment is designed to support agencies and staff to better engage and empower young people as they transition into leadership and adulthood.  This tool provides step-by-step instructions on how to best support the growth and empowerment of youth, as well as the staff who work with them, while preparing the entire agency culture for youth incorporation and leadership.

The HEY Guide: Youth Empowerment highlights HEY’s Empowerment Advocacy Model which has been developed over the past 7 years through HEY’s Emancipated Youth Advocacy Board (EYAB).  This model promotes and supports non-traditional youth leaders.  HEY defines non-traditional leaders as youth who may not have been exposed to a leadership position during early adolescence but who have a desire to create change in their young adulthood.  HEY was inspired to develop this model to support our youth team comprised of current and former foster youth who were interested in lending their voice to create change.  HEY found that while these youth had experienced plenty of life experiences, many did not have opportunities to participate in traditional youth leadership activities.  The effects of their lack of exposure to leadership positions made them less willing to step into traditional leadership roles.  Throughout our work with emancipated foster youth we have collected a series of best practices proven to be successful while working with non-traditional leaders.  We introduce our collection of best practice theories, methods and tools in this guide to demonstrate how HEY empowers and support young leaders.

Youth Empowerment

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