Who We Are


The Transitional Age Youth Initiative (TAYSF) is an outgrowth of Mayor Newsom’s Transitional Youth Task Force — an interagency planning effort that created directives to improve outcomes for TAY, aged 16-24 which met from 2006-2007.  The effort highlighted the unmet needs for San Francisco’s 16-24 year olds.

16 Recommendations for San Francisco

By the end of 2006 the Mayor’s Transitional Youth Task Force released a set of 16 Recommendations in the form of a published report called, Disconnected Youth in San Francisco: A Roadmap to Improve the Life Chances for Young People .

To see how TAYSF is implementing these recommendations visit TAYSF’s Recommendations and Current Projects page. [coming soon!]

How TAYSF works

In order to achieve its goals, TAYSF provides the following services:

  1. Research and Local Data including best practices, evidence-based research on issues and services that affect transitional age youth
  2. Expertise and Recommendations to local departments and legislative bodies to leverage local, state, and federal resources for San Francisco’s youth ages 16-24
  3. Innovative Models of Programs with population specific program designs that address issues and challenges affecting local transitional age youth

As a result of TAYSF’s work, supporters of San Francisco’s youth, are linked and informed about the challenges faced by youth ages 16-24 and gain access to hard data and expert review of policies and practices so that they can help improve outcomes.