Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY)

HEY and TAYSF Merge!

As of July 2010, Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY), the San Francisco based organization advocating for the needs of foster youth aging out of the foster care system, merged with TAYSF.  HEY brings TAYSF its 11-year history of being a strong intermediary working on behalf of those who support foster youth.

TAYSF is excited about the merger as foster youth are one of TAYSF’s priority populations.  TAYSF recognizes that many young people experience multiple systems, and yet the systems do not intersect, communicate or support young people comprehensively, for this reason TAYSF will continue to build on HEY’s good work and prioritize its advocacy on the transition needs of current and former foster youth, in addition to Juvenile Justice youth, Parenting Youth, Youth with Disabilities, Immigrant Youth, Youth who have not completed high school.

About HEY

Find out more about HEY’s Mission, Goals, and History

HEY’s Team

Over the years HEY has had many amazing staff members and volunteers.  Through the HEY and TAYSF merger some staff have continued with TAYSF while others have pursued other goals.  Visit this section of our website to find out where they are now.

HEY’s Projects and Accomplishments

Since its inception in 1999 HEY has been a major player in increasing the visibility of transitional age foster youth

HEY in the News

Over the years HEY’s work has been recognized by various news agencies.  See what they all had to say about HEY

HEY Newsletter Archives

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HEY’s Past Events

Over the years HEY organized several events, many during National Foster Care Month in May.  HEY was the first agency to bring awareness about National Foster Care Month in the Bay Area